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Trivia Test

By Fifi Rodriguez





By Chris Richcreek

1. In 2016,Baltimore’s Manny Machado became the second player in major-league history to homer in each of the first three innings of a game. Who did it first?

2. Who was the first pitcher to win an All-Star Game in both leagues?

3. Matt Ryan set an Atlanta Falcons team record in 2016 by throwing for 503 yards in a game. Who had held the mark?

4. TheOregonmen’s basketball team in 2017 swept its Bay Area Pac-12 rivals for only the second time since 1976. Who are the two rivals?

5. When wasPittsburgh’s Sidney Crosby’s last Stanley Cup Finals goal scored before 2017?

6. Name the first husband-and-wife soccer couple to tally goals for theU.S.national team.

7. When was the last time before 2017 that theU.S.won the world men’s freestyle wrestling team title?


1. Carl Reynolds of theChicagoWhite Sox in 1930.

2. Vida Blue won for the A.L. in 1971 and the N.L. in 1981.

3. Ryan, with 443 yards passing in a game in 2014.

4.Californiaand Stanford.

5. It was Game Four versusDetroitin 2009.

6. Dom Dwyer and Sydney Leroux.

      7. It was 1995.




1. Is the book of 1 Thessalonians in the Old or New Testament or neither?

2. To keep Adam and Eve away after the Fall, what did God place around the Tree of Life? Smoking pits, Deep moat, Cherubim with flaming swords, Walking vipers

3. In 2 Samuel 12, what personality did God name Jedidiah? David, Amos, Solomon, Joab

4. What “type” water did Jesus offer the Samaritan woman at the well? Fresh, Cool, Living, Clean

5. From John 10, to what type animals are Christians compared? Camels, Sheep, Lions, Serpents

6. Which was a type of food as found in Exodus 16:15 and other verses? Yoke, Manna, Prodigal, Mina


1) New; 2) Cherubim with flaming swords; 3) Solomon;   4) Living;  5) Sheep;   6) Manna





By Samantha Weaver


* It was 20th-century French philosopher, author and political activist Jean-Paul Sartre who made the following sage observation: “If you’re lonely while you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”


* Other than humans and apes, the only animal that has no tail is the Manx cat.


* It seems that the Mets would be hands-down winners of the prize for the shortest MLB team name, but they actually have one of the longest names. It’s just that not many people remember that the team’s full name is Metropolitan Baseball Club.


* You might not think that fruitcake -- that much-maligned holiday staple -- and mahogany -- the hardwood valued for its beauty and durability -- have anything in common. You’d be wrong, though; the two items have the same approximate density.


* Those who study such things say that, as a whole, indoor cats prefer the taste of fish, while outdoor cats prefer the taste of mice.


* In parts of New England, porcupine liver was once considered to be a delicacy.


* Saint Anthony the Great, an early Christian monk from Egypt, spent years living in a tomb in order to overcome temptation. This is doubtless why he’s now known as the patron saint of gravediggers. 










* On Nov. 25, 1783, nearly three months after the Treaty of Paris was signed ending the American Revolution, the last British soldiers withdraw from New York City. Four months later, the city was declared the capital of the United States. In 1790, the capital was moved to Philadelphia.


* On Nov. 24, 1849, John Froelich, inventor of the tractor, is born in Iowa. To replace dangerous steam-powered threshers that tended to start fires, Froelich created a one-cylinder gasoline machine. It could thresh more than 1,000 bushels of grain a day without starting a single fire.


* On Nov. 21, 1927, Time magazine puts the new Holland Tunnel on its cover. The tunnel runs under the Hudson River between New York City and Jersey City, New Jersey. On the first day, 51,694 vehicles paid the 50 cent toll.


* On Nov. 26, 1931, a cloverleaf interchange in Woodbridge, New Jersey, is featured on the cover of the Engineering News-Record. Circular ramp interchanges proliferated, with historian Lewis Mumford declaring that “our national flower is the concrete cloverleaf.”


* On Nov. 20, 1945, 24 high-ranking Nazis go on trial in Nuremberg, Germany, for atrocities committed during World War II. Trials of lesser criminals resulted in the conviction of 5,025 defendants and the execution of 806.


* On Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy is shot and killed as his motorcade drives through Dealey Plaza in Dallas. The Warren Commission report on the assassination was released in November 1963, but has always been considered flawed. Nearly 3,000 once-secret documents were released in October 2017.


* On Nov. 23, 1981, President Ronald Reagan signs off on a top-secret document, giving the Central Intelligence Agency the power to recruit and support a 500-man force of rebels in Nicaragua, loosely known as the Contras.